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Check out our newest music video, the 1950’s style inspired song, “I’ll Rust With You”, from our newest album MK III!

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「Cuddle Buddy Application 」


Big/little spoon:
Favorite movie:
Favorite band:
Is it okay if I fall asleep:
Are kisses allowed:
Are pants required:
When are you available for cuddles:
My place or yours:
Will you play with my hair:
Anything you’d like to add:

Please respond in my ask box and I will tell you if you’re approved!

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lost in translations // louise dearman (lift the musical)


Sora eating sea salt ice cream alone, but feeling like he’s surrounded by friends.

Sora knowing exactly where to go in random places he hasn’t ever been to.

Sora crying really hard for no reason he can tell.

Sora summoning his keyblade and ending up with this flowery bs he’s never seen before??

Sora singing Beautiful Soul word for word the very first time he hears it.

Sora greeting people by name that he hasn’t actually met yet.

Sora getting super excited about the beach even though he grew up on one?

Sora being affected by the other people’s hearts he held.


elphaba & glinda

Bernadette Peters - Tell Me on a Sunday
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Bernadette Peters singing Tell Me On A Sunday from the Original Broadway Cast recording of Song and dance


Pixiv ID: 42897720Member: ねんまく


Pixiv ID: 42897720
Member: ねんまく

Anonymous said:
Peaches-Presidents of the United States

Oh man I just checked out the song! Kinda funky, I like it uwu

「Anonymously send me lyrics referring to your opinion of me.」


a short comic i did for my english sci-fi final, about a girl and her android

talk about things taking forever @__@